Nirbhaya Documentary: Is it worth Showcasing?

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has caused a big furor by telecasting a documentary made on Nirbhaya Gang rape Case (December 2012) which shows the rapist Mukesh Singh’s views stating that it was the Girl’s fault which led to her rape. The Home Minister in 2013, Sushil Kumar Shinde, had allowed the British filmmaker Leslee Udwin, to make the documentary. However, the Modi government has banned the telecasting of this documentary. BBC, while decided not to broadcast the documentary in India; broadcasted it in Britain and uploaded it on YouTube, as against the government’s request.

I, myself, am of the view that the documentary should not be broadcasted. Why, according to me,

banning is justified:

  1. The documentary shows what men in India think about women. That men have a rapist mentality. They see girls as objects. Isn’t it generalizing all men in India? For the people who forget this, they need to remember that boys also protested and were lathi-charged at the time of protests. This is not about fight between men and women, but people and system.
  2. The documentary shows what is happening with females in India. Females all over the World are fighting for their rights. From under-developed countries like Nigeria and Cameroon where Boko Haram is torturing Yazidi women, and Middle East where women have no voting rights; to developed countries like USA and Russia where women are not allowed to lead companies or administration. NOT THAT I’M PROUD OF THE FACT THAT IT IS HAPPENING IN INDIA, but why is India’s image spoiled at a global level? BBC showcasing it, as if it is a world premiere of a Hollywood flick, how is it justified, by a News Network, to showcase a video of the criminal who is under trial?
  3. In the documentary, the rapist Mukesh Singh is neither apologetic nor sad for his behavior. Rather he very bravely blames the girl for the Rape. Telecasting such views of the man, Isn’t it an insult to the memory of the girl who died a painful death? Are we really interested in listening to this idiot’s speech, who has nothing, but garbage to offer from his words? And why this sudden uproar over what Mukesh Singh said? Were you expecting him to speak Gandhi’s ideologies or Vivekanand’s quotes, after what he did? All the rapists in the world have same mentality and you will find the same answers by everyone as said by Mukesh Singh. All of us know that too. Why is “this” documentary made such a big issue..? Given a “footage” which it doesn’t deserve..?
  4. And even if the documentary is shown, do you think, it will bring any change? Will the men with such mentality change OVERNIGHT..? They will start respecting women..? No! This is not a first documentary, neither it will be the last on this topic.
  5. Is the documentary made for Free or will the collections go to charity. Don’t forget the Commercial success it is gaining in the name of Freedom of Expression.
  6. The Lawyer has to defend his counsel, so he will try to prove him innocent by any way possible. As for the mentality of people which many argue, aren’t we the same people, who protested during December 2012 when the girl was raped, and then for 3 whole years we forgot her, and now when her documentary is out, we are suddenly again emotional towards her. Its our hypocrisy isn’t it..??

If there is anyone to be blamed, it is us, the public. We forget these issues so easily. A 5-year old girl was raped in Mumbai yesterday, and everyday numerous such cases arise, which are easily neglected. And Nirbhaya herself was forgotten for 3 years, documentary comes out, Media has nothing to show, they pick up this issue again, and hey, we public are sympathetic again!
People revolted back then and they will do so now too. It will happen for some 7-8 days, and soon it will be forgotten. And after 2-3 years, when Media is again devoid of topic, it will bring the issue again. Justice Verma‘s committee said that laws are already there, but never implemented. This documentary will be seen and forgotten too.
What we need to understand, is that this fight is a long battle, which has to be constantly pursued and its start should not be by a documentary which airs the views of a shameless culprit who caused a big blot on our society and is further unapologetic.


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