CM Kejriwal wanted Delhi Police, PM Modi gave him CBI

CBI raids Delhi Principal Secretary Rajendra Kumar’s office -> CM Kejriwal blames PM Modi for political vendetta -> CBI gives facts for carrying out raid -> CM Kejriwal abuses PM.

For those thinking whether it was politically motivated move or not, and those who are going Gaga over this raid on 15 December,

Here are the facts I gathered:

1. Raid has been conducted on Principal Secretary Rajendra Kumar and not on Kejriwal, in accordance to cases from 2002 to 2014.

2. CBI had him on its radar since quite a long time. During UPA govt when Ranjit Sinha was the director of CBI, he had made plans for carrying out a raid. But Sinha himself was accused in Coal-gate, so raid could not be carried out.

3. Kumar is accused for abusing his official position, by “favoring a particular firm in the last few years in getting tenders from Delhi government departments”.

4. Even reputed organization like Transparency International India filed complaint against Kumar but Kejriwal choose not to act.

5. What is more ironic is that allegation against Kumar was made by a former bureaucrat, Ashish Joshi, secretary of Delhi Dialogue Commission on 15 June in Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) made by Kejriwal himself to check corruption.

6. Serious allegations against him are in Education and IT Department where he created bogus companies to get tenders. Whichever department he was transferred in, got this indirect benefits.

7. Education minister in Shiela Dixit Cabinet, Arvinder Singh Lovely also wanted him removed.

8. In the past one and a half year, CBI has recorded 3000 phone calls and got evidence from 15 IAS officers of his batch and 35 officials of Delhi government.

9. CBI will take help from its IT experts because Kumar is not cooperating in getting his e-mails checked, which have evidence against him.

10. A question which even I was thinking, that if the files are in different Departments, why his office of PS to CM is searched. CBI says that they had intelligence inputs that Kumar had hidden all those files, which had details and evidence against him, are now in his PS office.

11. CBI had planned to carry out the raid few months back, but at that time there was a cold war between Delhi CM and LG Najeeb Jung. When CBI asked for a permission from Home Ministry, to carry out a raid, it was Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s instruction:Raid to be carried out, ONLY if CBI has legitimate evidence“.

12. CBI has plans to carry out raid in 14 places, including his home and office. Apart from him, there are 6 more people who will be investigated in this case. They are:

AK Duggal: Ex-MD, Intelligent Communication Systems India Limited

GK Nanda: Ex-MD, Intelligent Communication Systems India Limited

RS Kaushik: Intelligent Communication Systems India Limited

Sandeep Kumar: Director, M/s Endeavour Systems Private Limited

Dinesh Kumar Gupta: Director, M/s Endeavour Systems Private Limited

The timeline of the events are:

10 May 2002 – 10 February 2005:

Rajendra Kumar worked as director in Education Department. During this time, he created two companies- Caltoonz and Edudel MIS in Timarpur, and Ashok Kumar was made its incharge. He then set up a company named Endeavour Systems Private Limited with Sandeep Kumar and Dinesh Kumar Gupta as its Directors. Ashok Kumar, from DASS cadre, resigned from government service in 2009.


Kumar becomes IT Secretary in Delhi government. He managed to get his company, Endeavours Private Limited empanelled with a PSU, (Intelligent Communication Systems India Ltd) so it could be awarded work without tenders. Work up to Rs 50 crore was done through this company.

Kumar became secretary in Transport & Health departments and then VAT Commissioner.


His companies entered the field of Energy, Real Estate and Coaching, with Ashok Kumar as its common director. Most of the companies are registered at the same address and have common directors (most of them are Rajendra Kumar’s relatives).

If allegations are found to be true, punishments and penalties in corruption charges will be levied against Ministers and officials in Shiela Dixit govt.

Now, the question arises is why Mr. Kejriwal is scared of CBI enquiry. When CBI raided Patanjali Yogpeeth, Swami Ramdev never raised a question, saying that he has nothing to hide. And that was when UPA was at the centre. If he is honest as he claims, what has he to hide?

Ford Foundation Files?

In evening, Mr. Kejriwal came out infront of Media exclaiming, he is not scared of the PM and he justified using the language because of his rural origins; that he was born and grown up in village. Which village teaches him words like “psychopath”? PM Modi is also from rural background and so are many ministers. Does the language he used, worthy of an IIT-ian and an IRS officer?

In case many of you don’t know, the Delhi state Lokayukt (under Jan Lokpal Bill tabled by Aam Aadmi Party a month ago) can investigate the Prime Minister and his cabinet. A state official monitoring a Central government head is shocking and hilarious at the same time. Why did he have no compulsions when he proceeded with that bill?

And the worst part is that the opposition parties are willing to make uproar in the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of parliament against this issue. Congress has decided to create a ruckus again, as they believe that the Central government is controlling the CBI (totally forgetting that the Hon. Supreme Court termed CBI as caged parrot under UPA rule) and Mamta Banerjee led TMC has full support too.

There are laws that need attention, that need to be passed; but as again, Kejriwal’s dramatics has given yet another weapon to the opposition who have no consideration for wasting the precious time of Indian Parliament.

News Source: DB Corp Limited, The Indian Express, DNA India


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