Inducing terror among Christians: Blame Game on PM Modi

Church in Mangalore attacked, will Modi answer?” shouted an anchor on a popular news channel. “As a Christian, suddenly I’m a stranger in my own country” cried a retired IPS officer who was Mumbai Police Commissioner, DGP Gujarat and DGP Punjab, named Julio Ribeiro, putting the blame on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, without a proof of any accusation that he leveled up on the elected representative of about 1.25 billion Indians.

And these are mere introductory instances. In the past 3 months or so, for every attack involving a minority is concerned, the onus is shifted straight to the Prime Minister. Earlier, it seemed to me that the Media had become a powerful weapon when it came to fighting critical problems in our country. But I, along with many others were left disappointed when we found that media is “selectively” raising issues, which directly affect Christian community, to defame the government under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

In the past month that went by, the Modi government was able to do many new things, which were “conveniently” ignored by media.

Here is what happened in the past week (15-21 March 2015):

  1. In the budget session, Lok Sabha saw 121% productivity (highest in over a decade)
  2. Cabinet approved Black Money bill that proposes 10 years jail, 300% penalty.
  3. Narendra Modi (an Indian leader) comes top in global survey of leaders, Xi Jinping second.
  4. Government cancelled licenses of 1,142 NGOs for not filing their taxes.
  5. Wholesale inflation drops to -2.06% in February 2015
  6. FDI doubles  to $4.48 billion in January, highest in 29 months
  7. Mining bills clear in Rajya Sabha, no more Coal-gates.
  8. Cabinet gives nod to repeal over 700 archaic laws.

Many of you might not even know about this, because all you read this week was, how churches are attacked, and “PM Modi is responsible for it”. For the churches attacked in Delhi, they were vandalized by drunkards and the crib that was charred happened due to short circuit. But without investigating or even looking up for the details, social media and journalists painted a communal picture of Narendra Modi. How, even the suit that he wore on Republic Day was prized Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 10 Lakhs. The highly unfortunate rape of an elderly nun in Kolkata was politicized and the Archbishop gave it a communal angle, clearing Mamta Banerjee’s name and blaming the central government of Modi for it (for people who don’t know, law and order is a state government responsibility). Not only him, but Hindu outfits were blamed too. However, no one apologized after Muslim men from Bangladesh were arrested in Mumbai. The truth behind the case of broken glass of Mangalore church came out to be a work of anti-social elements (as said by minister), while that in Panvel was a case of personal enmity. But again Modi and his cabinet were blamed for it. While the man is busy on his development agenda, it makes me wonder, why venom is spewed against him.

I may agree that the policies made by the Modi government might be wrong. There might be flaws in the formation, implementation and execution of the blueprints. And for them, his government should be criticised. But he should not be condemned for the crimes his government has not committed. The unnecessary insecurity that has been created among minorities (Christians being the latest ones) will deepen the divide among various religious sections in the society. Media should realize that if the Indian Constitution gives them the Right of Freedom of Expression, it also imposes a duty on them to broadcast truth and should avoid indulging in rumor-mongering. Media is an adhesive that joins the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary with the people of the nation. It is the fourth pillar of democracy and the responsibility that comes with this power needs to be comprehended.